a very important and 100% necessary camera angle

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Black Widow #6 (2014, Phil Noto)

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Same old Barney, huh?

» Hawkeye 13

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shout out to all the people still following me even though im a fucking idiot

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donsaladino @imsebastianstan @thinyc and @bigz for today’s workout. I’m 6’1 by the way. Back Bent over row 5x6 -Reverse grip pull down 4x10 -Inverted row 5x12 -Db row 4x10 -straight arm pull down 1x20 #donsaladino #drive495 #getripped #fitness #cosmobody

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parallelism in hawkeye #19
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Man, what a great movie.

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remember when the avengers was new?

remember how exciting it was to finally have some of our favorite superheros interacting in one movie?

remember getting chills during this scene?


remember feeling like a superhero when the screen went black and the credit music came on?

Please never forget how special The Avengers is. 

I still get this feel everytime.

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